so Who are you guys, anyway?

We are Eric and Ashley! We are married, and we photograph weddings together! We have three adorable daughters, Karis, Bexley, and Jovie! Karis is the big kid (at least she thinks so), Bexley is rockin' her toddler years while Jovie is the newest addition to the family.

Three daughters!? What, do you show up to weddings with them?

They are actually the photographer and editor, and Ashley and I are their assistants. They have photographed for Vogue, Taylor Swift, and The Queen of England! Just kidding, they stay at home with their awesome grandma for every wedding. Thanks grandma!

Are you going to boss us around and make us do lame poses the whole day?

Nope! The only posed pictures we will do will be the ones of you two together, bridal party and family. Everything else will be candid! We enjoy shooting candid shots with a perspective of a guest. Being that when you see an image, you feel as if you are there with the viewpoint of that image. We want to make this day as least stressful as possible for you, so we try to make pictures go as efficiently and relaxed as possible with still getting the best possible images. Its the best way to do things, in our opinion.

I see your packages don’t include prints, and I love prints. I post pictures all over my wall, at home and on Facebook. Can you give me prints? I need them!

We don’t offer any printing services, which is actually better for you! A different photographer may offer prints, but the conversation might go something like this, “Oh you want an 8x10? Sure, that will be $20.84.Yeah, you can go get the same image printed online from several great websites for around $2-3. But you wouldn’t want that, uploading and pressing checkout is way too much of a hassle for you. So I can do it for you, hence the markup.” You can save A TON of money by printing your images yourself. Simple as that. Then you can post all the pictures wherever you want! Your hallway, your fridge, on your cat, etc.

How about albums then?

Same thing goes for albums, only a different photographer will mark that up by 200-300% and there are still great sites you can go to for designing your custom album. If you don’t know of any, feel free to ask and I’ll hook it up with the rad sites!

Are all the pictures you give us edited and full resolution?

Yep! I edit every picture one by one to make sure everything is color corrected and full of awesome-ness. You will get every edited image at full resolution so you can print them as often and wherever you want!

You edit every picture huh? How many are you giving us, like two?

Weddings we try to photograph everything that is happening, and make sure that we are giving you all the best moments from your special day. That being said, we usually shoot around 3,500-5,000 images per wedding, and then go through those to pick out the best ones to give you. That ends up being around 1,000-1,600ish depending on how much went on at your wedding and how long we were there. We don’t have a limit on how many images we give you, so you will get everything we think you will enjoy!

I’m going to be out of town next week, will you babysit our cat? He is going to be lonely with us not there!

No… but if you really need someone I’ll help you find the perfect cat sitter!

If you took the time to read these, awesome! If you just skipped everything and read this line then that is lame! Reading is good for you, and so is great photography! If you want to know any more specific questions feel free to email me here

You’re awesome, and we would love to photograph your wedding!

-Eric and Ashley (Karis, Bexley and Jovie too!)